Character profiles
Super Infantry Expert
Laconic and cool under pressure, King is the mercenary you want for your high-risk missions.Early in his military career, he knew there was nothing better than being his own boss. Along with Empress and other key personnel, he co-founded the paramilitary action & rescue team-for-hire: Mercenary Kings! His “Super Advanced Infantry Training” has led him all over the globe — because there’s always a world-domination plot to diffuse. Never heard of such a cleanup crew? Of course you haven’t — secret missions are just that, but King prefers the ananonymity. Satisfied by a mission well won, he’s more of the sit-back-and-smile brand of mercenary, content with cozying up with a crossword in celebration (done in ink,, indicating massive confidence).
Super Infantry Expert
Stern and strong, Empress is a mercenary of unshakable poise and prowess, perfect for extreme missions. She has singlehandedly saved ‘The Kings’ by employing her “Super Advanced Infantry Training” on a number of dangerous operations. Whether by blade or gun, she always gets the job done! Empress co-founded the Mercenary Kings because she craved the freedom of pummeling evildoers without worrying about the consequences of, you know, international law.Side note: Empress collects vintage aviator sunglasses and she has never lost a game of darts.
Resistance Fighter
Frigg came to Mandragora Island as a scientist working on the Mandrake Project, but when CLAW attacked, she became the Resistance's fiercest fighter! It wouldn't be long until she joined forces with the Mercenary Kings to fight back against Commander Baron's nefarious forces. A former olympic athlete, running around jungles and bases while lugging around heavy artillery is a piece of cake for her! When she's not crushing CLAW troops, Frigg enjoys mountain climbing, 70s anime and almost all types of breakfast foods.
Robot Helper
Initially built by Miss Zero as a gaming companion on her satellite station, C-Zar is now a proud robotic member of the Mercenary Kings! The friendly automaton loves to go down to Earth and see the real world he previously saw through video games and other screens. It seems like C-Zar does not understand that fighting the forces of CLAW is not a video game but actual life but that doesn't deter the helpful robot from fighting the good fight! In his non-combat time, C-Zar likes to reload his batteries and hang out with his ro-bro, the Iron Prince.
Mission Leader
Trusted leader and coffee enthusiast, Benjamin H. Tasker is the liaison between the Mercenary Kings and the organizations that contract their “services”. A keen strategist, he oversees every mission ‘The Kings’ take on — including all the answering all emails. He loves field duty, but retired after losing an eye in a pretty gruesome battle against C.L.A.W. Commander, Byron Baron. Colonel Tasker has since vowed to vanquish the bearded warlord — whatever it takes! It’s common knowledge that Tasker barely relaxes… but when he does, he enjoys charting maps and building model ships, all while sipping the finest java.
Communication Specialist
Way above us (very high) in the B.O.S.S (Big Orbital Satellite Station), zero-gravity home to Miss Zero, the Mercenary Kings's eye in the sky! Using the satellite's advanced optical sensors, Zero tracks enemy movement, decrypts spy communications and steals cable TV. A loner by nature, the Earth's orbit is where she thrives. Her contact with firm ground is the Iron Prince, a friendly robot who does her bidding — the ultimate war toy. When off-line, Miss Zero partakes in retro arcade games, microwaved meals and bootleg sports broadcasts.
Transportation Specialist
An ace helicopter pilot, Bobby has been flying machines since an early age. Sharing a special bond with Choppy, his N-Battery-charged sentient copter, Bobby has flown ‘The Kings’ around for years, only accepting cheeseburgers and a hangar for his vehicle as payment. The self-styled “King of the Copters” he’s also a skilled caretaker of miniature CamCopters, perfect for espionage and reconnaissance missions. In his spare time, Ryack enjoys pretty much any type of magazine and a good nap.
Transportation vehicle
The world's first sentient helicopter, Choppy has been the Mercenary Kings's chief aerial transport since, well… he was engineered. Powered by a rare N(uclear)-Battery, the carrot-colored copter is fast and capable of unusual maneuvers. Answering only to Bobby Ryack's commands, the truth behind Choppy's sentience, and the unusual bond with his pilot master, remains unknown.
Bladed Weapons Expert
One of humanity's oldest (and sharpest) tools is Ironside’s best pal! Coiffed with a stylish hat and always carrying his own silverware, the “King of Cutlery” upholds that a knife is not just a blade! It's also a good handle, a flat ricasso, a strong guard and a solid lanyard! Ironside is philosophy is simple — that a properly practiced knife strike can deflect bullets, making them the ultimate survival tool! He loves puns and never misses an occasion to razz on fellow weapon-crafter, Lawless, whom he respects greatly (but would never admit it to her face)! When winding down, he enjoys camping, drinking extremely cheap beer and coming up with new knife tricks.
Firearms Expert
If it has a trigger and ammo, she can make it even MORE powerful! Nicknamed the “Queen of Cannons,” Lawless's expertise is without match. Since making her own gunpowder at the prime age of six, she's been dedicated to the art of crafting weapons. Thrown out of Ammo Academy for her unconventional designs and ideas, she is now enjoying a job with ‘The Kings’.During her downtime, she curates a tumblr of her favorite movie explosions and shirtless hunks. Lawless also enjoys a friendly rivalry with her comrade-in-arms-making, the bladesmith, Ironside.
Intelligence Office/Double Agent
Always with a disguise in hand — and ear to the ground — Cadillac is the luxury car of spies! Adept at infiltrating covert agencies, eavesdropping and subterfuge, you can drop the “Ace Of Spies” in any village or camp on Monday morning and he'll know its every precious secret by lunch. He once wore a throne disguise for five weeks in order to spy on the Royal [REDACTED] family. On each mission, he likes to keep a compendium of various enemy forces.When not activated, Cadillac enjoys tasty barbecue, fake mustaches and mediocre country music.
C.L.A.W. Leader
Dreaming of a world engulfed in chaos and strife under his rule, Commander Byron Baron leads the worldwide war syndicate known as C.L.A.W. (Cybernetic Loyal & Active Weapons). Vain and egotistical, Baron has built his army by recruiting all types of violent weirdoes and cruel mercenaries from across the globe! A skilled cybertechnician, he uses his eccentric knowledge to bend the rowdier elements of his platoons to his will!Now that C.L.A.W. controls the Mandrake project, Baron has an infinitely renewable war force to command… or be sold to the highest bidder — a terrifying scenario for the free world. Surveillance suggests that he's fond of grooming his beard and designing elaborate, canine-themed tanks for his sole source of companionship, Alpha the Dog.
Cook & Survival Expert
You can't fight a war on an empty stomach, but Thaddeus Bone believes you can win one with good grub on your plate! A former soldier, “T-Bone” put down the pistol to pick up the pan! Stews, soups or steaks — there's nothing he can't make into a meal! A former chef for the Mandrake Project, he joined up with ‘The Kings’ and his old friend Colonel Ben Tasker to prepare meals that bring out the best of the team! Some call him a cook, while others fancy him a wizard! In his off-time, T-Bone writes his first cookbook, as well as his first joke book.
Fashion & Camp Consultants
Very little is known about the Runway Brothers, mysterious fashion consultants of Camp Crown. Experts of both casual and military “warwear,” they use the strange power of their enigmatic floating monolith to change any of the Mercenary King's palettes. The managers of the “Camp Crown,” they offer all sorts of options for accessorizing and customizing tents, making it a nicer place to rest or plan out missions. You might also recognize their namesake from the internet, as The Runway Bros. write an extremely popular military-apparel blog. They never leave the side of their strange monolith and refuse to answer any questions about it.
Supply & Storage Expert
An outfit like the Mercenary Kings needs equipment and Golden Gate is the gal who gets it! Whether it's C4, rations or the occasional Shock Grenade, ‘The Kings’ can always find it at her supply stand! The youngest member of the team, Golden Gate recently joined up after being a fan of their wilder missions for years.When the shop's closed, Golden Gate likes to paint trees, break her own chin-ups record and practice grenade-juggling.
Science Advisor & Medical Personnel
A gifted bio-medical scientist, Dr. Bluebell always wanted to rebuild and upgrade the biology of mankind for our next, great adventure: Deep Space Exploration. Working on the Mandrake Formula for military applications was Dr. Neil's idea for her to get future funding. Ever since Neil's kidnapping, she she joined the Mercenary Kings to aide them with her bio-modification expertise. Dr. Bluebell wants to shut down C.L.A.W. and prevent her work on the Formula from doing any harm. The doctor works around the clock on new upgrade designs, going through several notebooks a day! When she pauses, it's to feed and play with her grey tabby cat, Kitten.
Mandrake Formula Project Director
Curing disease is fine for others, but Dr. Neil seeks to defeat death itself! The mind behind many extreme genetic theories, Neil is this century's greatest bio-science maverick! He transformed Mandragora into an island-wide laboratory for the Mandrake Project. It's where, along with Dr. Bluebell, the Mandrake Formula was perfected — a way to copy, create and rebuild human cells — the key to rewriting human biology forever!Seeking to exploit the Formula and his genius, Dr. Neil has been kidnapped by C.L.A.W. — and thus is the catalyst for the Mercenary Kings’ latest mission.